Welcome to The Black Names Project!

…a community that celebrates African-American names and people.

On this website—

Black Lives Matter.

On this website—

We advocate for racial justice.
We acknowledge that systemic racism is a White problem.
We seek knowledge for power.
We find common ground.
We respect human life.

On this website—

We ask you to be in community with us as we learn about names, read about famous and historical people, and work together to end systemic racism.

Dear White People,

As the author of this website, I ask you to join me in saying “enough is enough” and “I am ready and willing to commit to being anti-racist.” What does that mean? It means we need to change the path we are on and start a new and better journey—for the sake of oppressed and mistreated people of color and for the sake of America. Along this new path, we have many tasks to accomplish. More...

Dear Black and Brown People,

As the author of this website and a woman born into White privilege, I acknowledge and understand that you are tired of explaining the inequities that are yours in American culture. I acknowledge that it is not your responsibility to teach us what we should have learned a long time ago. I’m not asking you to give us guidance. But I am here to listen when you want to talk. And if you come to trust me, I ask you to walk with me on this journey to make sure I keep the message true. Call me out if I go off course. Be honest with me about your pain and my part in creating that pain. We White people here are heading down a new path and starting a new and better journey, because we have been part of the problem for centuries and now want to be part of the solution. But we cannot do that alone—we need your insight and your sensitivity. More...

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