Welcome to The Black Names Project!

... a community that celebrates African-American names and invites all people to become Advocates for Racial Justice.

If you want to help bring healing to the United States’ long-festering wound—racism—you have arrived at the right place. Here, at The Black Names Project, we celebrate African-American names. Names connect people. When people share a name, they find common ground. When people find common ground, they see the humanity in the other. When they see the humanity in the other, they want only the best for that person. Sharing names and the stories of names helps people find common ground, shared humanity, and the quest for justice. We also celebrate many people who bear those names, and we encourage visitors to learn all they can about African-American people who have contributed beauty and richness to the fabric of America.

This site is for people whose families come from all parts of the world—Native Americans, African Americans, Caribbean Americans, European Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, blended Americans—and for people of all skin colors—blackish, brownish, reddish, yellowish, whitish, pinkish beige—because the names and stories here at The Black Names Project are more than black history—they are American history, they are shared history. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., explained it like this—

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

With the increase of hate-filled, racist rhetoric among some of America's leaders, it is important for all who believe in justice for ALL to stand up, speak out, and become Advocates for Racial Justice. We must be louder and more visible than those who spew hatred. We must return decency and respect to the American way of life. To those visitors who become Advocates for Racial Justice—

Your commitment will help our country move away from racial injustice and toward justice for ALL.


Every person who explores this website is a visitor. A visitor has access to all information on the site: Names, People, Resources. A visitor can connect to a name that is their name. A visitor can relate to a person who shares a vocation or passion. A visitor can identify with a person who is from their city or state. A visitor increases their awareness and finds common ground with the person whose name is on the website or with the historical or famous person whose mini-bio is on the website.

Advocates for Racial Justice

Just as an injustice against one marginalized group is an injustice against every marginalized group, advocating for one marginalized group is advocating for all marginalized groups. Visitors who become Advocates for Racial Justice make a statement—they speak out for racial justice. They pledge to make a positive difference in small ways, day to day, in their own lives and within their communities. Advocates for Racial Justice also are partners in building this website. They suggest names of people for mini-biographies, submit suggested titles for the resources section, and contact the author with ideas for improving the website and with questions about issues of racial justice.

How To Become an Advocate for Racial Justice

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