The Black Names Project refreshes and builds on a 1998 book, The Complete Guide to African-American Baby Names, by Linda Wolfe Keister. The resources for the project include those listed in the bibliography of the original book and those added as the new research continues. The author attempts to find several resources to verify the information about each name and about each person. Some resources are printed books and others are websites.

The Original Bibliography

Resources listed in the original bibliography were, for the most part, published books. Many of these books are no longer available, but the author has retained their listing because they were part of the original research. A small amount of research was conducted on line, but the Internet in the 1990s was a fledgling (and often unreliable) source of information.

Current and Ongoing Research

Since the 1990s, the Internet has expanded and improved, thus becoming a great source for up-to-date information. Because the information may not always be accurate, the author checks multiple sources to verify facts and trusts some sources more than others.



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