About the Book

The book published in 1998, The Complete Guide to African-American Baby Names, stands apart from other name books because every name in the book is the name of a real person of African descent. More than that, it is a book that celebrates those names and also the traditions, creativity, spirituality, families, history, and lives behind those names.

Who are the readers of the book?

The 1998 book, The Complete Guide to African-American Baby Names, provides a comprehensive, positive, celebratory, grass-roots treatment of African-American first and middle names. It is comprehensive in its treatment of names from many cultures and subcultures of the African-American tradition. It is positive in its treatment of all names, regardless of the origin or knowledge of the origin. It is celebratory in nature, creating an excitement about African-American names. It is grass-roots material that comes from the African-American community. It is a book to be read by parents looking for that perfect name, by students of African-American culture, by those interested in names, and by people who care about other people.

How does the book differ from others?

In the 1998 book, The Complete Guide to African-American Baby Names, all names, regardless of origin, are listed together alphabetically by female and male groupings. Unlike other African-American name books that relegate creative names and African names to separate sections, this books incorporates those names with all names in celebration of the unity of African-American people. Likewise, names of historical and famous people are listed together with names of contemporary, everyday people.