Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the connection between names and racial justice?

Every person has a name. Many people share the same name. When people share a name, they find common ground. When people find common ground, they see the humanity in the other. Sharing names and the stories of names helps people find common ground, humanity, and the quest for justice.

Where is the Comments section?

The Black Names Project has no Comments section. The author believes that the conversation about race needs to take place face to face in each person’s community, not on social media. The Black Names Project is an online community in which visitors and advocates for racial justice gather information so they are informed in their one-on-one conversations within their communities of daily living.

How can I add my name to The Black Names Project?

Those visitors who are of African descent can add their first and middle names to The Black Names Project by clicking on the Action button and completing the African-American Names Questionnaire.

How can I add the name of a famous or historical person to The Black Names Project?

Click on the Action button and go to Suggest People for Mini-Biographies.

I read a book that I think would be helpful to others who want to learn more about racism. How can I recommend it to others on this website?

Click on the Action button and go to Suggest Resources About Knowledge and Awareness.

I think I found an error on the website. How do I contact the author?

Click on the Action button and go to Ask Questions About Accuracy.

How can I communicate with the author of this website?

Click on the Action button and go to Write a Message to the Author.