People Involved in Farming

Hazel "Hayes" Turner

In 1918, a white mob on a manhunt for the murderer of a plantation owner lynched Hazel "Hayes" Turner (1898?–1918) in Brooks County, Georgia, although he was innocent of the crime another man committed.

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Mary Turner, Mary Hattie Graham Turner

In 1918, in Lowndes County, Georgia, a white mob lynched and burned Mary Hattie Graham Turner (1899–1918), hanging her by her feet from a bridge, and riddled her body with bullets after cutting her unborn baby from her body and stomping it to death. Mary had married Hazel "Hayes" Turner the previous year in Colquitt County, Georgia, and was eight months pregnant with their child when Hayes was lynched by a white mob searching for the murderer of a plantation owner in Brooks County, Georgia—the plantation owner for whom the Turners worked.

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Redoshi, Sally Smith

In 1860 (some sources say 1859), Redoshi (1848?–1937—some sources say she was 110 when she died) was just 12 years old when she was kidnaped and forced to leave her country of what is now Benin in West Africa and travel to the United States aboard the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to smuggle enslaved people into the United States, 52 years after importing slaves was in violation of U.S. law.

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