Become an Advocate for Racial Justice

Advocates for Racial Justice are people of all races who pledge to help end systemic racism, to bring healing to divided communities, and to come to terms with past and current wrongs in our country.

Advocates for Racial Justice set their own agendas. They decide how they will advocate within their communities. Advocating for racial justice is a lifestyle. It is not adding one more commitment to a full agenda—it is how to think, speak, and act day to day in relationship with the people who fill the space of that agenda.

As partners with The Black Names Project team, Advocates for Racial Justice contribute to this website by—

  • Submitting names of famous and historical people of African descent to include on the website.
  • Submitting resources that may increase knowledge and awareness.
  • Asking questions regarding accuracy of information.
  • Communicating with the author.

Become an Advocate for Racial Justice

$10.00 / 1 Year

The pledge fee allows The Black Names Project website to be free of advertising, while providing financial resources for the research, fact-checking, writing, and editing necessary to provide accurate information.

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