Advocates for Racial Justice

Advocates for Racial Justice are standing up to be counted. They are people of all races who commit to advocate for racial justice, to speak out, and to take action. They are the people who will help end racism, bring healing to divided communities, and come to terms with past and current wrongs in our country.

Advocates for Racial Justice advocate within their communities. They have adopted a lifestyle of advocating for racial justice. They did not add one more commitment to a full agenda—they changed how they think, speak, and act day to day in relationship with the people who fill the space of that agenda.

Advocates for Racial Justice contribute to this website by—

  • Suggesting names of famous and historical people of African descent to include on the website.
  • Suggesting resources that may increase knowledge and awareness.
  • Asking questions regarding accuracy of information.
  • Communicating with the author.

What else can Advocates for Racial Justice do?

  • Read about famous and historical people of African descent to broaden their knowledge and awareness of the contributions African-American have made to the United States.
  • Talk with others about the information they have learned.
  • Share the website with others and encourage them to become Advocates for Racial Justice.
  • Become well informed by reading about racial issues, exploring African-American history, and delving into African-American literature and arts.
  • Advocate for racial justice in their individual communities.
  • Advocate for racial justice in the larger community.

What can Non-African Advocates for Racial Justice also do?

Expand their personal relationship space by becoming engaged in their local African-American communities (for example, joining the local chapter of the NAACP, supporting the local Black Lives Matter movement, attending a predominantly black church, shopping in predominately black neighborhoods, forging new friendships in the African-American community).